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South Austin Real Estate

South Austin Real Estate


Thinking of moving to Austin? Chances are the South Austin Real Estate options might have already caught your attention if you have eclectic taste. Anyone that lives in or near the city of Austin probably knows something about the history of South Austin. The city itself has definitely developed its own reputation, but South Austin has a reputation all its own. Much of this has been determined by its unique and colorful past. In short,

south austin real estate

South Austin shares much of the history that is associated with the larger city, yet it also enjoys a history that is completely unique to that particular geographic region and the neighborhoods that are located there. As a result, South Austin has the reputation for being true to itself. Read more here… and then contact us right away so we can show you around.

Austin has been around for a long time, even though it wasn’t always known by the name it is called today. The entire region was once open land that was accompanied by a rather large and often moody river. People first decided to settle there in the 1830’s. The area that would eventually become South Austin was first known as Waterloo. This town of Waterloo eventually became Austin. The town even served as a capital city of the Republic of Texas. As a result, the roots of state and local government started to take hold in the area and these same things are still prominent fixtures in the area today.