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North Austin Neighborhoods

 North Austin Neighborhoods

Are you interested in relocating to a new area? Perhaps, you should consider looking within south Austin neighborhoods . There are a ton of benefits that come with living in the South Austin area; especially if you are an artist and/or are looking for a place to stay that will be of benefit to your growing children. Elementary and high schools in the area are well established and known to have a number of knowledgeable and talented teachers who love their jobs. In addition, South Austin is home to an eclectic art district that welcomes all things creative.

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South Austin has a rich history and, because of this, it is one of the most unique places in the state of Texas. It somehow manages to seamlessly combine an eclectic art district, professional buildings, high quality education for your children, and a variety of residential areas. This mixture creates a virtual Mecca for anyone that is interested in embarking on artistic endeavors. For example, if you are interested in pursuing a career as a dancer, artist, or any other type of creative type, this is the place to get your feet wet and learn about the business. In fact, even big cities like Los Angeles and New York City have nothing on the artistic scene in South Austin. It is truly one of the most progressive places to live in the United States.

It’s no real secret that South Austin, Texas has become a prime location for business. In addition, it’s also become a great for the individuals who are employees of these very companies and organizations. Despite the fact that there are several neighborhoods within Austin itself that makes this very thing possible, in reality, the neighborhoods that are looked at the most are South Austin neighborhoods. This is because of the fact that South Austin is generally viewed as being one of the fittest cities in the entire United States of America.

South Austin essentially offers something for everybody; however, at the same time, it’s equally important to keep budget in mind, as well as preferences, when it comes to selecting the right neighborhood that you want to move to the most. Generally, South Austin neighborhoods are perfect for artistic types of people such as dancers, musicians, etc. At the same time, however, the city also offers its own form of affordable luxury living. The best example of this is the diverse Travis Heights neighborhood, which contains winding streets, rolling hills, and wonderful trees. Even better is the fact that Travis Heights is fairly close to downtown.

Another great area to consider is Barton Hills, especially if you are someone who enjoys partaking in a lot of recreational activities. From this neighborhood, you can visit Zilker Park or take a walk through Barton Creek. In addition, you can also consider Circle C Ranch, which is a brand new subdivision that includes the Eanes School District, as well as a golf course, swimming pools, and parks. Furthermore, the Eanes School District touts the fact that they employ highly educated teachers who absolutely love their jobs, as well as a large number of extracurricular activities for young children.

In addition, all of the different South Austin neighborhoods contain many different things to do depending on your mood. For instance, if you feel like taking in the outdoors, trek on over to McKinney Falls State Park, where you can walk on approximately ten miles of trails and even take in some fishing if you wish. If flowers are your thing, consider paying a visit to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, which is named after the wife of the late Lyndon Johnson, who was the 36th President of the United States. Here, you can learn about many different flowers of all types. If you’d rather take in a bit of shopping, then there are plenty of different shopping centers around South Austin that are sure to catch your attention, especially with the over half-a-dozen thrift stores containing many different treasures. And of course, let’s not forget about all of the different restaurants in the city! Just like the housing, there’s different foods available for everyone depending on your particular taste!

Here are a few more in depth pages with convenient map views of South Austin neighborhoods.

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Homes for sale in zip code 78745 under 500k

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All in all, purchasing a home in one of the many different South Austin neighborhoods is most definitely the way to go, especially if you are looking to live in an area where all of the fun is happening. Believe it or not, this is not all there is to do in South Austin. If you are on an Austin home search and targeting the south part of the city, let us show you around. We can help you find the dream home you’ve been looking for. Give us a call at  (512)330-9300 or send us a message