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Nightlife in Austin

Entertainment and Nightlife in Austin

Entertainment and nightlife in Austin is world-renown. Austinites sure know how to party and people from all over the world travel to Austin to experience iconic areas and bars of Austin that are known for turning it up until the A.M.

Dirty Sixth

We can’t start this list with any other area. It would be sacrilegious to not include this famous (or infamous) street. People that live in Austin typically avoid this touristy area; however, it is the go-to place for cheap shots, cover bands and great people-watching. Some may think Dirty Sixth is for the more daring types, but it’s no better or worse than any other party street.

Rainey Street

A much classier place to party than Dirty Sixth. The whole street is converted bars from old houses surrounded by giant high rises. A great place for bar hopping but not so great if you easily feel claustrophobic. Some notable places are Bangers for beer lovers, Half-Step for craft cocktails and the G’Raj Mahal Café which has survived the gentrification.

East Sixth

You are officially on East Sixth when you have walked past Easy Tiger and crossed underneath I-35. The area is a mix of brand new condos, specialty bars and restaurants and small, older homes. This area is in the between stages but is slowly being gentrified like Rainey Street. This area is much more chill than Dirty Sixth. Notable bars include Violet Crown and Whisler’s. One street over on 7th street you can find Prohibition Creamery and The Hightower.

West Sixth

The bars in this area attract people with money and connections. People spend hundreds of dollars on alcohol in this area because they can. This area is much cleaner than dirty sixth and the prices reflect that. Locales known for great nightlife in Austin experiences are Rio, Concrete Cowboy and The Ranch. It’s a good time, but you will pay for it.

 The Gay-borhood

Tucked away from Dirty Sixth is hallowed ground for the LGBT community, allies and straight guys chasing after the straight girls just trying to dance. This little block of fourth street is where people go to dance. The dancing at The Highland, Rain and Oilcan Harry’s is unmatched anywhere else in Austin as is the energy.

Old Austin

Nightlife in Austin has changed quite a bit over the years. To catch a glimpse of what Austinites did to let loose way back when no one knew the magic of Austin hit up places like Ego’s, Antone’s, Hole in the Wall, The Scoot Inn, Esther’s Follies or The Broken Spoke. These places have been here since before you were born and will be here long after, no matter how many people from California move here. The buildings may be more run-down but they are well-worthy of respect.

The Music Scene

To catch a show and get a buzz check out some of these places. They typically require tickets purchased before hand but they offer some great live shows. These places include Stubb’s, Emo’s, The Parish, Austin City Limits and The Mohawk. Look up the available shows on their respective websites.

 Hotel Bars

If you are feeling particularly pretentious one evening head to one of the high end hotel bars for craft cocktails. The Driskill Hotel (supposedly haunted) has the old carpet, wood walls and stuffiness one would expect from a really old hotel with drinks named after dead presidents. For a more contemporary feel head to The W Austin or South Congress Hotel.

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