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Best Time To Buy A House In Texas. Even though the spring and summer seasons are often considered to be the best time of year to purchase a home, the fact is that the fall season can really be a buyer’s market. There are all kinds of great benefits involving buying a home during this time of year, such as faster closings and lower prices.

Here are three of the best reasons why the month of September can be the best time of year to purchase a home in the state of Texas.

  • First, there’s decreased moving costs. Many moving companies tend to lower their costs during the fall season due to the fact that there aren’t so many people moving during this time of year. These same companies are also often willing to provide a larger discount thanks to a lack of business during the off-season. Furthermore, there is an additional amount of flexibility in terms of scheduling your moving time so that it will be more convenient for the buyer, thereby making your move more relaxed and less rushed.
  • Next is stronger negotiating power. Just as there is a decreased amount of homes during the fall and winter seasons, there are also fewer buyers as well. Due to September being the official beginning of the school year, this means that overall demand will be much slower. As a result, there will be less competition and sellers who will be more willing to accommodate any and all potential buyers. This will leave more homes on the market if you don’t have any gripes about moving at the beginning of the school year. Additionally, you will have many more properties to choose from as opposed to during the summer months.
  • Best Time To Buy A House In Texas. Finally, there’s the overall higher availability of industry professionals. One useful advantage of purchasing a home in the off-season  involves the greater availability of both mortgage and real estate professionals. These agents will typically have fewer clients and additional time to focus on your home search. Furthermore, lenders will also be more accessible if you have any questions or require any assistance, and some may even waive some of their fees during this time of year in order to help encourage borrowers to take advantage of the services that they offer.