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Real estate marketing Austin TX When it comes to Thanksgiving, this is the one time of year when people gather together to give thanks for all of the things that they have obtained in their lives. This is also a day that also typically includes all kinds of celebration, charity, feasting, and so much more. While families get together to celebrate during this time of year, this is also the time when a majority of real estate agents will take time off from their normal duties as well. Despite this, it’s also a great time for these same agents to consider trying out some unique marketing ideas in order to improve their overall lead generation.

Here are four popular Thanksgiving marketing ideas for real estate agents to consider trying out.

*First and foremost, perhaps one of the most popular Thanksgiving real estate marketing ideas is to host an open house Thanksgiving dinner. In the event that you may have a good listing that you find that you need to market, this kind of event is one that can prove to be just the opportunity to show your listing. Invite some of your previous clients, prospects, and referral partners, and as all of your guests interact with one another, you’ll find that they’ll become interested in exploring the home itself. Furthermore, this kind of event can also be a great opportunity to not only meet additional locals, but also build up your own network as well.

*Another popular Thanksgiving real estate marketing idea is to compose a holiday-related blog. Typically, this kind of activity is considered to be one of the best marketing strategies for real estate agents to engage in, and they can also be utilized to educate potential prospects, as well as improve your overall engagement and search engine optimization. Consider composing a blog that will get your readers to learn something new, as well as improve their own festive season while they work on preparing to either sell or buy a home. Additionally, you can also share articles of your own via an email list, as well as across social media.

*One other popular Thanksgiving real estate marketing idea send holiday-related cards. This is a cost-effective idea that many of your prospects and clients will enjoy, and they can also act as a form of indirect brochure and/or business card as well. This is something that can be done by inputting your contact information and dates of open houses on the cards themselves. Additionally, consider signing these kinds of cards personally, as well as including a personalized note. You could also think about delivering them to your prospects and clients in person.

Real estate marketing Austin TX *Another popular Thanksgiving real estate marketing idea is to get creative with your social media pages. By including Thanksgiving-themed photos to your Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter pages, you will be showing all of your current and future real estate clients that you’re more than just business – you also have a fun side to you as well. When posting your holiday photos, it’s also a good idea to consider using filters, captions, and hashtags that not only involve trends that have to do with Thanksgiving, but also your location and what you’re currently doing. This will allow you to engage your brand during the entirety of the holiday period.