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The city of Austin was ranked as being the top Best Place to Live as part of the CNBC cable network’s 2019 report, a distinction that the city remains very proud of. Those who have recently graduated from college are themselves likely wondering what the best neighborhoods in Austin for students are, especially if they are considering joining the more than 100 people who move to this location every single day.

Here are four of the best neighborhoods in Austin for students to consider moving to:

  • Perhaps one of the best neighborhoods to consider in the city of Austin is the Downtown area. The city itself is rather expensive, and this specific location is most definitely no exception as well; however, those who may be considering the idea of living in a high-rise building should keep Downtown in mind. This area is also home to many different historical buildings, such as the Driskill Hotel and the Texas State Capitol. Additionally, those who live in the Downtown area will also be able to enjoy activities such as drinking in one of Rainey Street’s many bars, shopping in one of the great boutiques on Second Street, taking in a drag show in the Warehouse District, and so much more.


  • Another great Austin neighborhood for new college graduates to consider is Hyde Park, which is a residential and historic area that is located in the northern portion of the city and is also a short distance from Downtown Austin itself. Hyde Park is home to many students, artists, and various young professionals, who have taken up residence in Victorian and Craftsman homes that adorn the tree-lined streets. Located just a short drive away from the neighborhood is the University of Texas, which is convenient for those who may be considering attending graduate school. Additionally, there are also a couple of different grocery stores closeby, and well as restaurants and coffee shops. Another fun location is the Elisabet Ney Museum, which was constructed in 1893 and showcases the namesake’s work.


  • East Austin is another great Austin neighborhood that new college graduates should consider moving to. This neighborhood is only a mile away from Downtown Austin and is also considered to be one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in all of Austin itself. This neighborhood is home to many different food trucks and bars, including the Historic Scoot Inn, which was constructed in 1871 and is the oldest continuously-running bar in all of central Texas. Some of the most popular restaurants in this neighborhood include Suerte and Franklin Barbecue, while other fun activities include venturing over to The White Horse to enjoy whiskey on tap, as well as live music each and every night.


  • Another interesting neighborhood in the city of Austin for new college graduates to consider moving to is The Domain, which is located in the northwest corridor of the city itself. This is a neighborhood that has been developed around an outdoor retail space that bears the exact same name and also features offices, hotels, and residential communities, as well as restaurants and retail stores that are all within walking distance to various amenities.

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