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Here is why you should live on Lake Travis, with plenty of waterfront homes for sale in Austin, this means that the area of Lake Travis is practically bursting with growth as of late. Now that more people are moving to this specific area, it’s extremely tempting to to find out exactly what all of the excitement is about. Even better is the fact that not just families are moving to Lake Travis, but individuals are also choosing to retire in this area as well.

However, in the event that you may still be questioning what all of the excitement is actually about, here are some of the most exciting reasons why you should consider living on Lake Travis.


  • First and foremost, living on Lake Travis means that you will get to enjoy a more quiet life of a lakeside environment. This means that whenever you need to have some time to truly unwind, all you have to do is head out onto the lake and take in the atmosphere around you. Just a few short minutes of doing this will allow you to see just what everyone has been talking about. Additionally, you can also take a drive and experience a scenic cruise through the town, where you can meet up with your friends to grab some food or enjoy some great nighttime activities, such as Lakeway’s Big Band Bash.


  • Living on Lake Travis also offers all sorts of great amenities all year round. For instance, the area is well known for some of the best golf courses in the entire United States of America, meaning that you’ll be able to stay in great shape while making sure your golf game is the best that it’s ever been. Additionally, you can also partake in a game of tennis by visiting the World of Tennis Complex, which is located in Lakeway. The complex offers both indoor and outdoor facilities, and you can also utilize the knowledge of some of the best players and trainers around.


  • When you make the decision to live on Lake Travis, you will have the great advantage of being able to experience nature right in your own backyard. In fact, some of the most common views that you will be able to take in include sweeping hillsides, sunsets, and canyons. Additionally, when you choose to stop by one of the many county parks in the area, you will be able to get an up-close-and-personal experience with both wildlife and landscapes. For instance, from Pace Bend Park, you will be able to get a more breathtaking view of Lake Travis, and at Bull Creek Greenbelt, you will be able to go on a hike around the flowing waters found in this area.


  • It’s also important to take the time to experience all of the food options that Lake Travis has to offer as well. For instance, Hudson’s on the Bend offers rare game proteins and expertly cooked plates, while Cafe Blue offers various types of seafood. If you’re more of a fan of burgers, however, you may want to instead pay a visit to All Star Burger, where you can partake in a more creative twist on the more classic hamburger. To see a full list of great eateries on Lake Travis click here!

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