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With the summer season soon to be upon us, many people will want to engage in perhaps one of the most fun and traditional seasonal activities, that is having fun in a swimming pool. However, if you are currently looking for a new home during this season perhaps you are wondering whether it is better to purchase a home that already has a pool? Or should you consider installing one after you move in? These are the questions many real estate agents get asked. According to them, their are certain pros to purchasing a home with a pool already installed vs building a custom pool. Here are four pros to buying a home with a pool already installed.


Its Cheaper

Perhaps one of the biggest pros regarding purchasing a home with a pre-installed pool is that it is actually cheaper. This is especially the case with homes that have extensive amounts of landscaping, as well as swimming pools that are considered to be top of the line. Installing a pool is a process that can be expensive, with both the pool and landscape surrounding it generally only being worth approximately 5% to 8% of the total value of the home upon resale.

You Already Know The Maintenance Costs

Another pro regarding purchasing a home that has a pool already installed is that you will already know how much it costs to keep the pool maintained. If you were to install a pool yourself, you wont be sure what all of the monthly maintenance costs will be. Having a pool already installed means that you will be able to get all of the information regarding monthly maintenance costs for it prior to purchasing the home. The current homeowner likely has been paying these costs for months or even years prior to the home itself being put up for sale.

You Already Know How The Pool Looks

One other pro is you already know how the pool looks. This is as opposed to installing a pool after purchasing a home. As starting this process means that you won’t necessarily know what the end result will look like. Additionally, the planning process itself involved in installing a pool can be rather daunting and stressful. When you purchase a home with a pre-installed pool, you won’t have to worry about all of the stress regarding making these kinds of decisions. All you’ll have to concern yourself with is enjoying the pool that you already have.

Cost Included In Mortgage

The final pro when it comes to purchasing a home that already has a swimming pool installed is that you will be able to include the cost of the pool itself into your mortgage. Once you have purchased a home, any loans that are used to install a pool will end up carrying an interest rate totaling at least 5% to 6% over a period of 15 years. This means that for an $80,000 yard and pool oasis, this will end up costing up to $600 per month for just the swimming pool itself.

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