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Many homeowners always look forward to starting off the new year with all sorts of new self-improvement methods, whether it be taking steps to losing weight or working to get their backyard into better shape. However, it can often be confusing to determine exactly where to begin when it comes to any kind of landscaping changes.

Thankfully, there are all sorts of various trends that can be taken advantage of, mainly in terms of personal styles such as patterns in both sidewalks and pathways, as well as elements selected for outdoor spaces.

Here are some of the top landscaping trends for 2020. Which ones will you try?


One of the most trendy landscaping trends to consider involves embracing our own unique style, whatever it is that may be. For instance, if you’re thinking of installing rows of some kind of organic vegetables that will be in raised beds or if you want to put in some kind of brightly-colored bird feeders, feel free to do so. Your backyard is your own canvas that you can have as much fun with as you want. There are many landscaping professionals who predict that homeowners will end up personalizing their yards in some fashion or another, regardless of how big or small they may be.


Another type of trendy landscaping trend is centered around designs that are both transitional and contemporary in nature. Many aesthetics that are normally simple, polished, and sleek are also being used for things such as modern outdoor water and fire features, as well as outdoor kitchens and sculptures. Additionally, they’re also showing up in year-round gardens as well, as some homeowners are selecting native plants that are able to survive in various types of climates. Furthermore, they’re also investing in heat lamps, which enable them to enjoy their gardens during both the fall and winter seasons as well.

Geometric Shapes

One other type of trendy landscaping trend is that of geometric and ornate designs. Many homeowners tend to take a lot of the latest trends involving interior design and find some way to incorporate them into their outdoor settings. As a result, materials that are textured, lattice, basketweave, and waved are put into the general layouts of backyards. Additionally, porcelain tiles are also being used outdoors in areas such as patios, retaining walls, and walkways, despite generally being used in interior areas such as bathrooms. Another type of material that is also remaining extremely popular is natural stone.


Another of the most trendy landscaping trends to make note of is that of remote-controlled irrigation. Many homeowners view smart technology as being used for things that are located inside a home; however, it can also be used for many things outside the home as well. In fact, many homeowners are likely to install remote-controlled irrigation systems this year, which will end up preventing them from having to take the time to water their lawns manually. This is a type of system that is able to be programmed to irrigate a yard with the right amount of water, thereby saving water at the same time.

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