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We all know just how precious of a resource water truly is, and despite the fact that it’s extremely important in terms of our survival, there remains the chance of increased amounts of pollution and depletion. This makes it even more important to do everything we can to conserve the water that we already have, which is something that can be done through the process of recycling. This is something that can help to truly save the environment and preserve water stores. Water can also be recycled from all sorts of different places, and there are all kinds of different ways in which water can be recycled from your home.

Here are five of the best ways in which you can recycle water at home.

Reuse Water

Any water and soap that is typically used for cleaning cars can be drained into lawns and shrubs once you are finished using it. This type of water will not cause any damage to either of these areas, meaning that anyone who does so can feel safer about parking their cars closer to lawns and shrubs. Whenever cars are washed, water will naturally flow down and will then be drained to nearby plants or be absorbed into the ground.

Rain Barrel

Perhaps one of the best ways to recycle water at home is to install a rain barrel. Typically, whenever it rains, water will move right into a sewage system. Rather than allowing this to happen, the water can instead be collected in a barrel, which can then be boiled down for drinking, as well as other house cleaning-related tasks such as cleaning sinks, dishes, and toilets. Additionally, in areas that tend to receive a lot of rain, rain harvesting systems can be installed. Water that is stored in these systems can be used to feed livestock, and these types of barrels also contain taps that are designed to help control how much water is used for other various purposes.

Collect Rain Water

Rain water can be collected through your home’s gutters. Whenever it rains outdoors, water will flow down from the roof to the ground. In the process, this will result in clean water being lost. Instead, this water can be collected and reused for tasks such as watering flowers, cooking food, washing vegetables, and more.


Instead of hosing down your driveway, dry sweep it instead. By doing this prior to washing your car, the soapy water will also work to clean the driveway itself in the process. Additionally, this same water can also be drained into your lawn, where it can be used to water shrubs and herbs rather than simply being discarded elsewhere.

Water Plants

Water that is used to either clean vegetables or make pasta can also be saved. If you have a kitchen garden, this water can be used to water plants, herbs, and shrubs. Additionally, water that has been used to boil pasta can be used as a starchy solution to help prepare soups. Furthermore, water that has been left over from boiling vegetables can also be used to help make soup stock. Rather than using saved cleaner water to assist with preparing soups, water that has been stored and saved can be used for this instead. Additionally, rather than rinsing vegetables under running water, they can instead be rinsed in a bowl of water.

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