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Austin is known for having bad allergies but we love it here just the same! You can’t all the amazing outdoors with lush trees, beautiful blue bonnets and bustling Town Lake without the pollen. If you are looking to move to Austin there are some beautiful homes for sale in 78703.

People that suffer from various types of allergies typically decide to remain indoors whenever both mold and pollen counts are high outdoors. Unfortunately, allergens such as pet dander and dust mites can cause just as much of an issue for these same individuals indoors.

Thankfully, there are ways to control indoor allergens. The best methods are the use of cleaning and reducing allergens in your home. The main indoor allergen sources include the following:



-Soft furniture pieces

-Stuffed toys


-Damp areas

-Indoor plants

-Mattresses without allergy covers

-Pillows and other bedding that can’t be washed in hot water

Here are four different ways in which you can help control indoor allergens in your home.


Consider vacuuming once or twice per week. This is perhaps one of the best and most effective ways to help keep allergens low indoors. The best type of vacuum to use is a certified asthma and allergy friendly vacuum, as these specific models have been officially tested and have also been found to prevent allergens from getting back into the air. This is as opposed to more poor quality vacuums, which can end up causing dust to go back into the air. In the event that you suffer from allergies, consider wearing a protective mask while you are performing housework. While dusting, use a damp cloth or a cloth that has been treated with furniture polish. Once you have finished cleaning, leave your home for several hours.

Put Food Away

Never leave any garbage or food uncovered at any time. Doing so will end up attracting cockroaches as a result, which can also cause all sorts of allergen-related issues. Additionally, rather than using chemicals to help kill the insects, consider instead using boric acid, traps, and poison baits. This is because chemicals can end up irritating both your asthma issues and sinuses.


All surfaces in your home should be kept decluttered and clean. If at all possible, avoid using wall-to-wall carpeting; however, if you must use carpet, use carpet that is low-pile or throw rugs that are able to be washed. Additionally, you should also avoid using heavy drapes, as well as overstuffed fabric furniture. If you have blinds or drapes, these should be replaced with either washable curtains or roll-down shades. The less items you have laying around, the less items there are collecting dust.

Hypoallergenic Pets

If you are allergic to animal dander, it is recommended that you not have any pets in your home that have either feathers or fur. Despite what you may have previously been told, there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic pet. Individuals who have pet allergies are allergic to animal dander, which is generally defined as shed skin cells that all animals have. There is some animal dander that has fewer amounts of allergenic proteins, which can actually lead to fewer or no symptoms at all. If you do have pets, be sure to keep them out of your bedroom. Furthermore, anytime you are not home, keep your bedroom door closed so that your pets will stay out. Vents should also be covered with a dense material, and your pet’s favorite toys and furniture should be washed often.

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