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How to Repot a Plant. With so much time being spent at home these days, many homeowners will be thinking about shifting their plants from older pots to new pots in order to allow them to grow better. On the other hand, there are also those who may simply wish to move them to new pots as a way to freshen up their décor. Regardless of the reason, it’s important to make note of the proper way to repot a plant.

Here are the steps that should always be followed in order to ensure that repotting is successful.

*First and foremost, select a larger-sized pot for your plant. This will ensure that the roots have plenty of room to grow. The new pot should be both wider and deeper than the old one, and it should also have drainage holes as well.

*Using a porous material, such as a coffee filter, cover the drainage holes of the new pot. This will prevent any potting soil from falling out; however, it will still allow water to pass through the holes so that the soil will be able to be saturated in order to allow the plant to grow.

*Begin layering potting soil in the new pot. Make sure that you place a base layer of soil in order to ensure that the roots have an ample amount of space to grow. You should also add enough soil so that your plant will be able to have enough room without it spilling over the top of the pot.

*Prior to repotting your plant, take the time to thoroughly water it. This will ensure that the plant is healthy, as well as keeping the rootball together.

*Begin removing the plant from the old pot. Instead of pulling it out, simply turn it upside down, placing your hand over the top of the old pot. From there, rotate the plant a few inches in both directions, as this will help to loosen it, causing it to fall out. Consider using a knife to assist you with separating both the plant and the pot.

*With the plant in your hands, begin pruning the rootball and untangling old roots. This will help the plant to be able to flourish in the new pot. Additionally, remove any and all roots that may be growing out of the core rootball itself. Untangle any new roots so that they will be able to grow outward rather than inward.

*Carefully place the plant in its new pot. Be sure that the plant is both upright and centered, pressing it firmly into the pot. Add some more potting soil, then some more water to help the soil settle.

*If you wish to do so, take the time to decorate the plant’s new pot in any manner that you choose.

*With your plant now housed in its new pot, be sure that you follow tips such as watering it as frequently as possible, keeping it away from full amounts of sunlight, and not fertilizing it for approximately one month.

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