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There are many of us who truly love to have a lush, grassy lawn, and we also love to do everything in our power to ensure that it stays that way, including mowing, fertilizing, and watering. However, on the other hand, taking care of a lawn and keeping it in good shape can be a hassle for many homeowners, which can lead to the search for alternatives to grass in order to help make things easier in terms of maintenance and beauty.

Keep reading for three eco friendly alternatives to grass

Creeping Thyme

One eco-friendly alternative to a grassy lawn to consider is creeping thyme. This is a type of groundcover that is considered to be perfect for areas that are prone to high foot traffic, making it a perfect option if you have a family with children or pets that like to spend a lot of time playing the yard! Additionally, it requires no mowing whatsoever, as it only grows to around two to four inches in height. Talk about a time saver! It also requires little amounts of watering and limited care in general, saving you money on your water bill in the summer and otherwise. Even better is the fact that creeping thyme can grow virtually anywhere, whether it be full shade, full sun, or partial sun!

Evergreen Moss

Evergreen moss is another eco-friendly grass alternative to consider for your lawn. This is because it will stay green throughout the entire year, as well as grow in almost any type of soil and even thrive if placed in the shade. Additionally, it also acts as a low maintenance option in the event that you may be searching for an alternative that doesn’t need a lot of work or effort once it has been planted. This is because evergreen moss requires no weeding, mowing, fertilization, watering, or pest prevention. Could it get any better?!

Artificial Turf

Perhaps one of the most common types of eco-friendly grass alternatives is artificial turf. This is an alternative that requires no maintenance whatsoever and comes in all sorts of different varieties for you to choose from. In fact, the only way that you can tell that artificial turf isn’t real grass is to inspect it up close, and how often are you examining your grass with a magnifying glass?

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