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With a statement color like pink it’s easy to over-do it. The best approach for shades this popping is to stick to the “less is more” rule. Here are some simple ways to implement the color without having Barbie haunt your dreams. Do you dare to try pink interior design?

pink interior design

Pink Statement Furniture

Juxtapose a super feminine pink couch with a lot of neutral earth tones and uber modern accents. Bring in art or décor accessories that pull their color from the couch to balance out the room. Your couch will pop out and be the first thing guests notice and love.

Accent Pillows and Throws

If you aren’t ready for a commitment to a millennial pink couch start with a tease of pink throw pillows or blankets or both! It adds a fresh and fun touch to your living or bedroom.


If you haven’t noticed lighting gives a certain color to a room whether that’s a cold tone, blue, or a warm tone, yellow. But you can experiment with other lighting colors. Pink lighting using a pink bulb or lampshade will excite any boring room and can make your neutrals pop.


Pink curtains certainly pop out from the wall. Curtains are a great way to bring an accent color to a room and they don’t have to be super expensive.


This is the simplest way to start bringing the pink trend in to your home. A crystal vase with a big bouquet of pink roses instantly refreshes a room. You’ll feel like your in a new house.

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