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Are you and your family planning on traveling a bunch this Winter? Don’t neglect your home while you are away. Thieves know what to look for to see if no one has been home for awhile. Protect your home so you can have a worry free trip. Looking for an Austin relocation company? Barton Harris & Co. can help relocate you to Austin, Tx!

Recruit Help

The easiest thing to do is enlist the help of a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your home. They can take in the mail, feed your pets and water your plants. If this isn’t an option there are plenty of websites and apps where you can hire help. Keep the person you have watching your home informed. Give them a key to your home, car in case it needs to be moved and itinerary in case of emergencies.

Don’t Post on Social

Nowadays people share everything on social media and criminals know this. Do not post that you will be out of town for two weeks. That’s practically telling people your home is vulnerable. An occasional photo of vacation is fine but don’t constantly update people if your home isn’t being watched.


The best thing to do for your lights while you’re gone is leave a front porch light on and call it a day. Leaving every light on in your home while no one is there is suspicious and also drives up your energy bill. As for curtains leave them how you would normally leave them. Shut curtains during the day are a sign no one is home. It also prevents your neighbors from keeping an eye on the home.

Stop Your Mail

You can easily contact the USPS online to place a stop or hold on your mail. If you don’t have someone watching your home while you are gone, tell them to stop delivering your mail during the time you are gone. An overstuffed mailbox is a huge sign no one has been home for awhile.

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