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New Year’s Resolutions are a time honored tradition across the world but, more often then not, people fail to stick with and follow through on their goal. There are many reasons why people can’t follow through but we’re here to encourage you to follow your goal whether that be try a new hobby or move to Austin, Texas! We are a south austin real estate company.

Dreaming Too Big

The first obstacle people face is creating a goal that’s unattainable. This is basically self-sabotage. Saying you’ll compete in a marathon next month when you have never run further than your couch is setting yourself up for failure. Set realistic goals. Start small and grow your goals. This way you don’t frustrated and quit right away.

Hold Yourself Accountable

No one is going to wake you out of bed in the morning. As an adult you have the capacity to be your own motivator. Try writing your goal down and telling yourself daily. Come up with a reward system to keep yourself going toward your goal.

Learn From Your Failure

Consider every time you fail to meet your goal a lesson and a step toward your goal. Realize why you failed to meet your goal and adapt. Recognize if you are the one keeping you from attaining the goal. If the goal is too big, scale it back and break it down in to smaller goals.

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