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Don’t just throw away all your holiday decorations when they can be recycled. If you’re not sure how to do this then read below to find out exactly how to handle the different decorations. We are North Austin real estate company here to offer advice on holiday decor recycling.

Christmas Tree, Wreaths & Garland

The first thing to do is take off all of the ornaments, lights and tinsel. There are options for having the tree replanted so consider looking in to them. The simplest thing is to have a service come pick up the tree to have it turned in to mulch. Christmas tree mulch is a beautiful color, and added bonus, it’s smells great.

Greeting Cards

It’s time to get crafty. Use old holiday cards to turn in to gift tags. You can print templates off online for gift card outlines or just get creative and make it up. Use a sharpie to add a to: and from: section. You twine or ribbon to attach them to packages.

Bulb Ornaments

Over the years the ornaments just pile up and before you know it you have more than will fit on the tree. Upcycle your older or broken bulb ornaments and make a wreath. Use a wire hanger to form the shape you want. Arrange the colors and sizes the way you want and finish it with some ribbon. When you are done with the wreath it can be donated or sold. Other ideas include attaching a couple ornaments on top of packages as accents or hang some in front of windows.

Christmas Lights

Your broken incandescent lights can be traded in or recycled at places like The Home Depot. String lights are known for going out because of one bulb so consider fixing older strings of lights by replacing bulbs. It’s easier than you think. If you are purchasing new string lights, buy LED lights. They last an average of 20 years.

Gift Wrapping

Firstly, avoid buying metallic wrapping paper as it is not easily recyclable. Have a bag ready during the gift unwrapping to collect all recyclables. Properly recycle all paper products including boxes and any other wrappings. Options other than using wrapping paper include reusable cloth gift bags and wooden boxes.

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