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1. Finding the perfect house in the wrong neighborhood

It’s important to keep the big picture in mind when moving. The home and it’s features are important. Get the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want but also pay attention to the community as a whole. The best way to do this is to spend time in the neighborhood. Visit the cafes and parks and talk to people about their experiences in the community. Barton Harris & Co., a realtor company in Austin, can help you find your dream home in the right suburb neighborhood for you.

2. Choosing a school district based on stats

Education is a top motivator for choosing specific communities in the suburbs. While a school may be performing well on standardized tests it may also be putting a lot of pressure on the students and your child may not thrive in that kind of environment. Consider going to check out the school during drop-off time to see if the other parents are reflecting the lifestyle you are seeking.

3. Focusing on commute length instead of commute comfort

Sure you may be able to commute for 30 minutes on the train but will it be a cramped, over-crowded ride? The only way to really know how pleasant a commute is to do a test run. Save yourself from a surprise hellish commute.

4. Assuming child care is easy to come by

The child care options in the suburbs are not the same as they are in an urban setting. Scope out local daycares and after school programs. If you are a couple with both working parents it’s best to sort this out before getting locked in to a mortgage.

5. Not noting what the food options are

Living in a food desert is not ideal. If the closest grocery store is 20 minutes away consider how that might affect your family’s eating habits. Also pay attention to what the eating out options are because you can only take the kids to McDonald’s so many times before you start paying $20 for delivery every night.

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