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The highly-anticipated Splash Shack indoor water park is now officially open in the city of Cedar Park. Cedar Park is a great city. If you would like to move to Cedar Park, the Austin real estate company,  Barton Harris, can help move you close to the park.

The facility measures a total of 10,000 square feet and is a play structure that contains the following features as part of an 8,000 square foot play structure, which also measures a total of 30 feet tall:

*Water sprays

*Eight slides

*Splash pad for younger children

*Tipping buckets

*Water wheels

*Large water bucket

Despite being marketed more towards children, developers of Splash Shack have made it clear that the facility is for both children and adults to enjoy.

Furthermore, the facility is also open on a year-round basis thanks to the indoor temperature of Splash Shack being 82 degrees. The park is temperature controlled so you can take your whole family to escape the cold Winter winds. The facility’s official website also notes that no sunscreen will be required (due to every activity being hosted indoors).

Pricing is based on the height of the child. Children under 42 inches are $6.99 for the first two hours with an additional $4.99 for every subsequent hour. Adults 18+ have the same pricing. Children over 42 inches are $14.99 for the first two hours with an additional $9.99 for every subsequent hour. Children under 12 months have free admission.

Everyone entering the facility will be charged admission which means there is no watching your child for free. All children under 42 inches must be accompanied by an adult. There is a party grand opening special for groups of 15 kids as well as group rates for 15 kids.

Coolers and pets are not allowed in the park. There is food available for sale inside the Splash Shack. Keep in mind there is no re-entry allowed. So leaving for lunch and coming back is not permitted.

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