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Chances are you’re guilty of storing things in your garage that actually shouldn’t be there. The best way to keep your belongings safe and looking great is to always store them in the proper areas.

Here are three things that you should never keep stored in your garage:


Extreme weather, whether it’s hot or cold, can drastically alter the overall formula of paint. This means that you should never store any leftover paint in your garage if the temperature in that space constantly rises and falls throughout the year. Always take the time to check the label for all of the appropriate and recommended storage temperatures.

Propane Tank

This is something that can be extremely dangerous to store in your garage, as there is always the possibility that the tank could leak. What this means is that even the smallest spark, including from starting your car, could end up causing a fire.

Printed Photographs

These should never, ever be stored anywhere in your garage, as humidity, heat, and cold can end up causing all sorts of damage to them to the point where they cannot be restored.

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