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Typically, carpets get replaced every seven years, with many of the replacements involving a home being remodeled prior to the home itself being either bought or sold.

If you or someone you know are currently experiencing this type of situation and you want to keep your wall-to-wall carpeting looking as great as possible over the next few years, here are three ways that you can achieve this.


Using what you may believe is the best vacuum isn’t always good enough to keep your carpets clean. You always have to make sure that it works properly, and furthermore, vacuuming up all of the visible crumbs isn’t always good enough either. Generally, you should always vacuum at least two or three times per week, using four to six passes in high traffic lanes and two to three passes in low traffic ones.

Hire Professionals

A lot of carpet warranties suggest that you should have your carpets professionally cleaned every 18 to 24 months, similar to changing the oil in your car.

Rotate Furniture Pieces

The feet of furniture pieces are always rough on carpet, as they can wear confined areas of the pile itself. Additionally, they can also cause dirt to get into the pile and the backing. To help prevent this, consider changing the layout of your furniture regularly, but only if the space permits it. You will want to do this at least every six months.

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