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Happy pool season! But with pool season comes a spike in pool maintenance. The type of pool determines a lot about how you should service your pool, but here are some good guidelines to follow regardless the type of pool.

Choosing chlorine

Many people choose a chlorinated pool because it what they know and are most familiar with, but saltwater pools are much better for your skin. There’s no harsh chemicals and it is easier to keep clean. There is more cost upfront but it is better for your health.

Not putting up a fence

Most states legally require fences. Check your state for its laws. This prevents critters and kids from falling in and drowning. Having a bunch of dead frogs and fur floating around in your pool isn’t sanitary and can clog the pumps for the pool. Prevent this by putting up at least a four foot fence. The cost depends on the material of the fence.

Failure to clean filters

If the filters aren’t clean, they can’t clean your pool. Clean the filters at least once a month. Another way to do this would be to have two filters so that you can just switch it out when it gets dirty. Always run the pumps for eight hours during the day. This prevents algae buildup.

Keep it full

A low water level means the water isn’t hitting the pumps so nothing is being circulated. This can also wear your pumps out quickly. Here’s a tip: if you are going on vacation out of town, over fill the pool. This way when the water evaporates while it’s gone you don’t have to worry about it getting too low.

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