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Home buyers always have a list of things they want in a potential home. By doing small upgrades while you live in your home you can keep your home from being frozen in time and getting left with a For Sale sign.

Energy Efficient

Not only can upgrading your home to be more energy efficient help you sell it faster but it also helps your bottom line. You’ll save money on heating and A/C as well as your future buyer. Energy-star appliances are a huge plus to home buyers.

Ceiling Fan

This decorative and functional item can be easily installed and doesn’t have to be an expensive upgrade. For best results hang on a ceiling that is at least eight feet high and should hang down a foot from the ceiling. In order to cut costs, don’t run a fan in an unoccupied room.

Hardwood Floors

Home buyers hate carpet. Hardwood floors are stylish, durable and trendy. Mid-century modern décor sells homes right now. Depending on the flooring you purchase, and if you install it yourself or have someone else install it, it will cost at least $1,200 for every 120 feet installed.

Garage Storage Space

Head to Ikea or simply build in shelving yourself. This is an easy way to add more storage to your home. Unlike an attic, the storage in a garage is easily accessible. This is a big plus for families with kids. Suggestions include cabinets, pegboard for tools and lighting.


The options for building a patio are endless. It can be as expensive or non-expensive as you like. A backyard can be a real asset and selling point for a home. If you don’t currently have a patio then adding one can give your house another entertainment area and can pay for it’s self in the listing price later on.

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