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One of the hottest trends in interior design right now is a bold geometric print. This could be on a wallpaper, an accent pillow or even a shelf. There are ways to do this without making you house look like something out of Minecraft.

Balance color and pattern

You can either have a big pop of color or a bold pattern but you can’t have both. The eye needs somewhere to go first when you enter a room. Try to choose having a lot of pattern in a room or a lot of color. Otherwise it can turn into a stimulus overload.

Use fabrics as an accent

Hang geometric curtains in a room to instantly revitalize it. Add some geometric accent pillows on a couch to make it the centerpiece of any room. This can be a simple way to ease into this trend.

Geometric Tile

This is an absolute game changer for a room. Add a geometric backsplash and your kitchen is to die for. There are so many options that you are sure to find one perfect for your home. They can be actual tile or a peel and stick. And why stop in the kitchen? You can add geometric wallpaper or tile to any room in the house for instant pop.

Geometric lighting and mirrors

These pieces can easily become focal points in any room. Place a square geometric lamp on an end table or a fish scale framed mirror on a wall. There are many ways to place with subtly adding functional and fun geometric patterns in rooms.

Geometric Rugs

If this trend seems daunting to you just put a rug down and call it a day. You can keep it as simple as you want with neutral colors and a simple pattern or as abstract and crazy colored as you want. Also consider adding new layers to the room by hanging artwork with geometric patterns as well.

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