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These days, you’d definitely be surprised to see exactly how many popular design trends from the 1980s are reappearing in many different homes. Here are three of the top trends that are returning to the scene as we speak:


Shades such as peach, aqua, and dusty pink are on the verge of a revival, especially when it comes to interior design. Pastels that are more contemporary are more muted, and also work especially well when placed alongside softer shades of gray. The big task is to select one pastel shade that you like the most, then tone it together with hues that are more neutral.

Glass Tables

This is another popular 1980s design trend that’s making a big comeback in many homes; however, this time around, the tables themselves are designed to be much more elegant. For instance, many of them contain darker-colored frames, which helps to add a more light feel to the space in which they occupy.

Geometric Shapes

Many various textiles and accessories are once again embracing these types of bold shapes. One of the most interesting ways to utilize the shapes themselves are to see how they would look on both floors and walls in order to create unique looks.

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