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When it comes to selling your home, half of the battle is knowing exactly when to list it. The other half involves the way that you decide to describe the home itself. Recently, the descriptions of approximately four million homes that were sold across the entire nation between January 2016 and December 2017 were analyzed, and it was determined that what had the greatest impact with buyers were keywords for multiple features, such as design styles, home features, and amenities.

Some examples include those in Dallas really wanting an outdoor kitchen. This amenity alone is something that caused many homes in the area to sell for 25% more than initially expected. Coming in at the top of the list, each with a 29% premium, were professional appliances and steam showers. The next spot was taken by pizza ovens, which came in with a 26% premium.

Buyers who are more bathroom-centric are also excited to find out that a home has one or all of the following three amenities:

*Freestanding tub

*Heated flooring

*Radiant heat

Homes that also have the following amenities can bring in at least 20% more of the final price:

*Solar panels

*Shed/garage studios

*Outdoor fireplaces

If an owner is more interested in selling their home quickly rather than making money, they can include other terms when it comes to sellers searching for a home. These terms include the following:

*Exposed brick

*Subway tile

*Dual flush

*Open shelving


All of these terms essentially shortened total sale times by approximately ten days, meaning that the terms you decide to go with in terms of available amenities can help to decrease the amount of time your home is available on the market, leading to a quicker sale.

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