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In the city of Austin, regardless of the particular home you’re looking for, you’re more than likely to find that one particular architectural style that you’re a fan of. You’re also likely to find a real estate company who can assist you with obtaining a home that has each and every design element that are a perfect match with your lifestyle.

Here are three architectural styles that you’ll be able to find in Austin:


This particular style is one that always puts factors such as function and style above tradition. Additionally, these homes tend to venture away from things like design elements that aren’t actually needed, as well as clutter.


With this specific style of a home, two of the most defining characteristics that stand out the most include textures and shapes. Furthermore, design elements such as tone-on-tone colors, natural elements, and lines that are rounded are what are generally found the most.


This type of home saw a surge of popularity back in the early 1900’s, and these days, newer versions of craftsman homes have begun to make appearances in various listings all throughout the city of Austin. Out of the many different features that they have, two of the most notable include built-in shelving seats and woodwork all throughout the interior.

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