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When it comes to selling your home, there are obviously a lot of things that you will need to consider. More importantly, though, is the fact that there’s always concern on your part that something could end up going wrong with the selling process itself.

Here are three ways that you can mess up the sale of your home if you aren’t careful:

You Are Present During Showings

Even if you choose to not actually say anything to a potential buyer while they’re checking out your home that’s for sale, the fact that you’re even present to begin with is something that can be extremely awkward. This is because the potential buyer will never feel very comfortable with being able to freely express themselves or even look at the things in the home that they really want to see. The best way to avoid this type of feeling is to simply leave your home before the potential buyer is scheduled to arrive to view it.

You Didn’t Reveal Any Previous Issues With the Home

This is something that can really come back to bite you if you choose to ignore it. If you make the mistake of not disclosing any previous issues involved with the home you’re selling, then a potential buyer will be able to find out about it anyway thanks to a home inspection report. If the inspection discovers any previous issues that you knew about, then the chances are great that the potential buyer won’t be very pleased with you at all. Additionally, in some areas of the United States, failing to disclose issues related to a home is also illegal and can subject you to a lawsuit.

You Attempted Various Home Repairs on Your Own

Chances are that prior to putting your home up for sale, some repairs may have to be done. While you can always save money by completing the repairs on your own, doing this can also result in issues that can cost you a great deal of money, especially if you make mistakes during the repair process itself. Rather than taking that huge of a risk, consider hiring a certified contractor or a handyman to complete all of the necessary repairs that you may need to have done.

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