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Decorating your home solely for your own pleasure and decorating it prior to selling it are obviously two completely different things. If you’re looking to sell your home after designing it, there are a few different home décor trends that you will want to avoid, and which can ultimately turn someone off of the idea of purchasing the home itself. These include the following:

Excess Amounts of Yellow or Purple

While yellow can be trendy and purple is essentially this year’s most popular color, both should always be used cautiously. For instance, making your walls purple is something that will only appeal to a few individuals; however, if you’re someone who really can’t live without any bold colors, consider implementing pillows that are colorful. Even better is the fact that you’ll also be able to take those same colors with you if you decide to move to a new home in the future!

Appliances That Aren’t Stainless Steel

Approximately 72% of homeowners who remodeled their own kitchens back in 2017 decided to install appliances made of stainless steel rather than going with any other type of appliances. These types of appliances are the best ones to go with unless your kitchen is one that absolutely demands another color thanks to a specific design element.

Excess Amounts of White

If both the interior and overall architecture of your home is more ultramodern in nature, you should always do your best to ensure that it doesn’t appear to be uninviting in any way. While the “cold white” palette itself is inviting in most cases, it can prevent a potential buyer from feeling that sense of welcome and warmth. Perhaps the best thing is that in order to remedy something like this, you never have to repaint. Simply add accessories such as throw, pillows, and more which contain textures and tones that are warmer.

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