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One of the biggest thrills that someone can have in their lifetime is owning a home; however, when it comes to paying property taxes, a lot of people will you just how much of a thrill that isn’t. Despite this, it’s important to keep in mind that property taxes go towards such factors as police and fire departments, public schools, libraries, parks, and roads.

While there are some homeowners who may be very aware of the property taxes that they have to pay in their area of residence, there are also some who may not understand as much.

Here are three reasons that your property taxes in Austin continue to increase:

Sales of Homes Nearby

In the event that you have a neighbor who is currently selling their home for more than the actual asking price is, this is something that could cause your property taxes to increase. Overall home sales in your area of residence can affect what other homes in the same area are currently worth. This means that if you decide to sell your home, you could be faced with a higher tax bill, despite the fact that selling your home is wonderful for the value of your property.

Brand New Schools

Newer schools are excellent for both teachers and students alike; however, they can also result in you having to pay higher property taxes. This is because many areas make the decision to increase taxes in order to help pay for various types of school projects, as well as your area of residence becoming a much more desirable location for families since a new school has been constructed.

Improving Your Existing Home

Regardless of the type of home improvement project that you decide to take on, this is perhaps the most common reason why property taxes increase. Additionally, if you choose to convert either an attic or basement into a space that’s livable, you could end up needing an automatic reassessment of your home.

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