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Looking for reasons to search condos for sale 78701? How about new companies popping up downtown?

Office Depot has officially announced that they will be opening their new BizBox concept store in downtown Austin. BizBox is a physical component of an online service that was initially announced this past November, and it will be implemented into all 14 Office Depot locations throughout the city.


At BizBox, customers will be able to take advantage of many services including logo design, website design, accounting services, finance services, and so much more. Additionally, BizBox will help to provide both mentorship and personal support to many local businesses.


Austin has also made history by becoming the very first market in the entire United States to obtain a BizBox inside an actual Office Depot store, as this essentially means that the company will be shifting into the world of business services, especially since BizBox focuses more on startup companies and small businesses. Additionally, for only $99 per month, you can take advantage of a special subscription-based service that BizBox offers.


A survey conducted by Office Depot caused them to make the decision to launch BizBox in the first place, as the survey revealed that approximately one-third of 1,500 owners of small businesses not only didn’t perform any kind of marketing via social media, but they also didn’t even have an actual website for their businesses.


A news release from Office Depot’s Chief Digital Officer reads as follows:


BizBox is a platform designed to help reduce some of the stress and barriers that prevent entrepreneurs from turning their ideas into reality, and is the first service of its kind backed by the business expertise of a multibillion-dollar enterprise”

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