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More companies may be moving to Austin, Tx.

The city of Austin has become one of 20 finalists to house the second headquarters being constructed for Amazon. Austin has long been considered to be a top contender for the headquarters, which is valued at $5 billion and will house approximately 50,000 employees.


The recent announcement made by Amazon lists the following locations as finalists for the building:


*Atlanta, Georgia

*Austin, Texas

*Boston, Massachusetts

*Chicago, Illinois

*Columbus, Ohio

*Dallas, Texas

*Denver, Colorado

*Indianapolis, Indiana

*Los Angeles, California

*Miami, Florida

*Montgomery County, Maryland

*Nashville, Tennessee

*Newark, New Jersey

*New York City

*Northern Virginia

*Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

*Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

*Raleigh, North Carolina

*Toronto, Ontario, Canada

*Washington, D.C.


In all, 238 bids were submitted to Amazon for their second headquarters, and the company has announced that they will make a final decision sometime later this year in regards to where the building will go.


The search for a second headquarters for Amazon is a topic that has drawn a great deal of interest from the sectors of commercial real estate and economic development. While Austin is a city that has been listed as being among the favorites to obtain the new building, not much is really known about the actual bid that was submitted. Reports, however, state that upwards of over 50 different sites were offered to Amazon, including the Broadmoor campus located near The Domain.


In terms of other areas that submitted bids of their own, they are said to have fallen short of the top tier due to not meeting all of the criteria set forth by Amazon. The criteria includes mass transit access.


A statement released by the Austin Chamber of Commerce, who submitted the bid to Amazon through the Opportunity Austin economic program, reads as follows:


We are pleased that the Austin region has advanced to the second round. We look forward to presenting the best of what our region has to offer and how we can partner with Amazon. At this point we have no further information.”

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