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Buying a home with a picket fence isn’t everyone’s dream. For some, they buy for financial reasons and others are just looking for the lifestyle. Whatever reason you are considering buying a home here are a few reasons why you should start the home buying process sooner rather than later.


1. No Landlords

When you own a property you don’t have to answer to a landlord. You may have an HOA in your neighborhood but no one will be telling you not to paint a room a certain color, install wood floors or change up your landscaping. Home ownership comes with a new level of freedom.


2. Investments

Home buying can be an investment when done right. It allows you to build your portfolio through appreciation benefits. Because the home accrues value you benefit from the overall value of the home, not just the money you have put down.


3. Tax Benefits

Some benefits include the ability to deduct mortgage interest and property taxes from tax returns each year. Owning a home is often the same cost, or cheaper, than renting because of these benefits.


4. No Rise in Rent

Fixed-rate mortgages mean that your mortgage cost will stay the same as rent rises. This is especially true in Austin where rents rise every year. Because the mortgage payment is the bulk of the cost of a home, this creates a lot of budget stability.


5. Equity Growth

During the mortgage payment each month a portion of the payment is paying the loan down, in turn giving the owner more equity. Rather than rent every month going to a landlord, this way the home owner is investing in themselves.


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