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The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is currently looking to relocate its headquarters to the Baker Center, which is one of 40 current proposals and bids for a total of ten of the surplus properties of the Austin Independent School District that still remain in negotiations.


The Baker Center is a former school that was originally constructed back in 1911 and initially had a minimum bid of $10.6 million. Among the six bidders was Alamo Drafthouse Cinema; however, the favorite among residents appears to be the company’s plan to transform the property into a community cultural center, commissary kitchen space, art galleries, and affordable housing for employees of the district.


Nine months have passed since the district made it known which offers could have yielded up to $90 million for them in the event that all of the properties were sold. Thus far, two of them have been sold for $11.8 million, while two others have since been removed from the list. The futures of the remaining six are unclear; however, negotiations remain ongoing.


No decisions are expected in September, but school officials say that there is the possibility that there are some that could move forward before the end of this year.


Some of the higher-interest properties include the Carruth Administration Cener and the former Millett Opera House. The two properties no longer on the list include the old Alan Elementary in East Austin and land located adjacent to the school district’s Central Warehouse property on Alpine Road in South Austin.

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