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Wallethub has released a study putting Austin at number 18 in 2017’s Most Fun Cities in America. The city was one spot ahead of Houston, but behind other cities such as Atlanta, which came in at number six, and Cincinnati, which came in at number 13. The top three cities on the list were Las Vegas, Orlando, and New York City. The next Texas cities on the list were Dallas and San Antonio, which came in at number 29 and number 32, respectively.


According to Wallethub, Austin wasn’t ranked among the top five in festivals per capita. Apparently, the overall feeling is that researchers weren’t looking to get to any area of downtown on a weekend during the spring season.


In order to achieve all of the rankings for their study, analysts with Wallethub compared 150 of the most populated cities in the United States across three key factors. These factors included Costs, Nightlife & Parties, and Entertainment & Recreation. Wallethub also determined the weighted average of each city across 58 relevant metrics to come up with a total score. The resulting scores were then used to rank-order cities in different samples.


In terms of the categories, Austin ranked the best in Nightlife & Parties, yet ranked the worst in Costs.


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