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Over the past decade, it appears as though many people have at least thought about the idea of new homes in Central Texas, and moving to Central Texas. In fact, the city of Austin previously made headlines in regards to approximately 110 people per day moving there, and record numbers of people are also moving to neighboring cities as well. In fact, the population surge has been so huge that builders aren’t really able to keep up very well. This means that the real estate market is a key indicator of how huge Central Texas currently is.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why people are currently moving to Central Texas.

Good Feelings

Central Texas is generally seen as an awesome place to live. Not only is it diverse, but everyone is always very friendly as well. Many of the cities are filled with beautiful parks, vineyards, and ranches, and there are also some that hold unique festivals, such as the Wurstfest celebration that takes place every year in New Braunfels.


While the economy of the entire country was struggling, the city of Austin was one of the many areas that didn’t feel as much of an impact due to the recession. In fact, the overall unemployment rate has consistently remained below the national average, with some areas reporting as low as 3.5%.

No State Income Tax

This is something that has a huge effect on the overall cost of living, which remains below the national average currently. This is a huge factor for those who may be considering moving to Central Texas.

Being Able to Enjoy the Outdoors

Central Texas offers many different ways for people to enjoy activities such as rock climbing, biking, and hiking. This is all thanks in large part to the rolling hills and beautiful cliff sides, as well as the lakes, all of which are so much fun during the summer season.

Home Affordability and Appreciation

Before the year 2008, homes in Central Texas were appreciated at a more conservative rate and were stable throughout the recession, which didn’t happen in many other areas of the country. This type of platform has served as a model for today’s strong real estate market. Another big factor involves affordability, and even though the actual prices have increased, they actually remain below the national average in many areas of Central Texas. This means that you can find a good home with plenty of space for just under $150,000.