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The greatest solution to the affordable housing crisis in Austin could come in the form of a structure that measures approximately 319 square feet – this according to the team behind KASITA, which is a construction team that manufactures “smart homes” for those who are interested in investing in them.

 These structures, generally defined, are measured 30 feet by 11 feet and made out of both glass and steel. They can be rented for $659 per month. They can also be purchased outright, though the flat rate for one of these structures has not yet been disclosed. What really makes the KASITA structures innovative is that they can be moved to different locations since they plug into “modular racks,” which, in a span of ten months, can be both planned and constructed rather than the typical three years that it takes for more typical apartment complexes. Currently, 100 of these structures are planned for Austin, with more on the way for other cities.

 KASITA’s founder says that he is a great deal more interested in appealing to both cities and nonprofits that are looking to provide affordable housing on land that’s available in terms of getting this type of project off the ground. One of the first planned initiatives is in the city of Austin, which is a plan to provide housing to local musicians.

 Despite the fact that this model hasn’t yet been tested, KASITA won an Interactive Innovation “Smart Cities” award at the most recent SXSW festival. However, there are still some skeptics who continue to question if this particular model is too good to be true. In the coming months, down payments will be accepted from interested parties for these models, and in the same amount of time, it will also be determined whether or not the project actually works.

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