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Austin homes for sale, and for a party. Regardless of the type of party that you may be looking to host and how many guests will be attending, it’s important to have as much space in your home as possible to entertain guests. Here are five examples of homes located throughout various areas of Austin that have great entertaining spaces, and all of which would meet every single one of your partying needs!

 4401 N Capital of Texas

This home is spread out over a total of two and a half acres of land and contains eight bedrooms. Not only will this home provide a wow-factor for your life partner, but it will also do the same thing for all of the guests that you plan to entertain, thanks in large part to its comfortable theater room, which is perfect for watching a great movie or an exciting game.

 4433 River Garden Trl

This French country home contains many different things that make it incredibly easy to love, such as the following:

 *Five outdoor living areas

*Media room

*Two kitchens

*Putting green

 Not only will you enjoy these just by living in the home, but all of your guests that you will be entertaining will be able to make great use out of these amenities as well. Furthermore, there are also other great features such as a waterfall garden and meditation spaces.

 399 Cortona Drive

All of your many party guests will certainly get their enjoyment out of this Tuscan villa-type property, which contains an outdoor area that comes complete with its own kitchen. In the event that they want to spend the night, they could choose to sleep in a privately detached area if they wanted to. Additionally, the master suite also contains its own fireplace, which will make things even more romantic for when you want to cuddle up with your special sweetheart.

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