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Searching for homes in Austin? A recent real estate listing has revealed that Austin is actually the second most expensive city in all of Texas for an individual or a couple to purchase a home. Out of all of the cities that were ranked solely based on average listing prices for homes that have four bedrooms and two bathrooms in them, this listing found that the average price for a home in the city of Austin was $362,030.

 There were many Austin-based suburbs that made this same list as well, with a couple of them actually located in the North Austin neighborhood of the city. For instance, the Cedar Park neighborhood found itself in the top ten, coming in at number eight with an average price of $304,574. Another suburb that made the list was Round Rock, which came in at number 21 with their average price of $268,211.

 All in all, the average listing price for a home in the state of Texas itself comes in at $214,994, which is approximately $150,000 cheaper than the average price for a home in the city of Austin.

 In fact, the only city in the state that ranked in higher than Austin was the city of Galveston. This area had an average listing price of approximately $447,936 for a home in that city.

 Rounding out the top five on this specific list were the cities of La Vernia, Boerne, and Grapevine.

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