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When the time comes to purchase your own home, it’s important to hire the right real estate agent to take a look at the property itself. However, one of the most common questions involves whether or not you should actually call the agent themselves to assist you.

 There are actually some advantages to using a real estate agent to helping you purchase a home that you’re interested in. If you do plan to work with an agent, it’s extremely important to know exactly who they will represent.

 Here are some of the most common advantages to working with a real estate agent in Austin.

 They Know All About the Property

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages, as a real estate agent will have been dealing with the property ever since it first showed up on the market. This means that they will have a good idea of the value of the home and will know much more about it than the buyer will.

 Negotiating During the Commission

Commission is only going toward paying one agent, which means that there will likely be some room for negotiation. The agent may not actually accept half of the commission since they’re working on behalf of both parties; however, any kind of savings is still money that you don’t have to spend.

 Quicker Progress

There may be an instance where you could make a quicker amount of progress during the negotiation stage when you work with a real estate agent. This is because they are able to contact the seller directly, which can make the entire process go a lot more quickly.

 Dual Agency

Whenever a real estate agent works with a dual agency, this means that they will not only represent you, but they will also represent the party who is selling the home as well. In essence, this means that they are legally responsible to tell you if the seller says that they will only settle for a certain amount of money for the property.