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North Central Austin is now seen by many as being one of the most coveted areas in the entire city of Austin itself, as it was originally built up and populated during the years that followed World War II. And now, the area will soon be treated to its own proverbial moment in the spotlight thanks to a total of eight beautiful mid-century bungalows located in various neighborhoods being showcased in the 2016 Preservation Austin Historic Homes Tour, which is designed to both restore and protect all of the city’s both landmarks and private homes, which they have been doing for the past 60 years. This year’s tour will be the 24th annual one that has been organized and put on by the city of North Central Austin. The neighborhoods being showcased are as follows:




*Rosedale (this will include the 1952 Crestview Shopping Center)

Every home that is being featured in this year’s Preservation Austin Historic Homes Tour measures under 2,000 square feet, as they were initially constructed for GIs who were returning home from combat at the conclusion of the war; however, they have all since been renovated to help accommodate many of today’s growing families.

The homes were initially built between the years of 1945 and 1965, and all have been selected by a special committee for this year’s Preservation Austin Historic Homes Tour. One of the homes selected is a 1954 Crestview home that has gone through two major renovations under the new owners. They state that they have essentially peeled away, opened up, layered over, repurposed, recycled, and generally redesigned a home measuring a small 960 square feet to not only help fit their entire family, but to also help connect them to the outdoors and the overall life of their neighborhood as well.

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