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Aside from all the amazing homes for sale in Cedar Park, Perhaps the most important attraction of all is the Cedar Park Veterans Memorial, as this site is one that honors all of the city’s veterans from the past, present, and future.

The pathway of this amazing memorial is lined with customized brick pavers and bronze leaves, all of which are engraved with the names of soldiers, as well as the dates in which they served their country. This pathway leads all the way up to Memorial Hill, where you will find a black granite obelisk that measures approximately 22 feet tall that also sits on top of a 12-foot diameter gray granite base that consists of panels measuring six feet in height.


Each one of these bases showcases laser art depicting a different branch of the United States military:



*Air Force


*Merchant Marines

*Coast Guard

Next to this obelisk stands a bronze statue of a soldier that measures seven feet tall. The soldier is dressed in traditional Army dress blues and carries an M-16 rifle, all while standing guard next to the obelisk. The statue itself has its own special meaning, as it is an exact likeness of Cedar Park’s own U.S. Army Specialist First Class Matthew Morris, who was killed in action by an improvised explosive device while serving in Balad, Iraq. SPC Morris was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart, the Bronze Star, and the rank of Sergeant.

Designed by Forth Worth artist Gregory Beck, the monument has special references to the state of Texas itself. For instance, there is a base panel that depicts the George H.W. Bush Aircraft Carrier, while another one shows a B-1 Bomber at Dyers Air Force Base, which is located in Abilene. There is also a special panel on the obelisk honoring women who have served in the United States armed forces, as there are laser art pieces showcasing female soldiers kissing their children as they are either arriving or departing for deployment.