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If you’ve ever tried thinking of what would be a great reason to move to Austin, one reason that may have never crossed your mind is getting fit and staying fit.

 One way you can achieve this is by participating in the upcoming Zilker Relays, which is always an end of summer tradition that takes place during the month of September. This year’s event, which will be the 14th annual overall, is currently scheduled to take place on September 9th at Zilker Park.

 This is a race that is comprised of teams of four people made up of different skill levels, ranging from those who prefer to run leisurely to those who prefer to run like they were competitors in the Olympic games. The best part, however, is that the race itself only lasts for approximately 10 miles, which means that each runner only has to last for no more than two and a half miles per leg.

 The Zilker Relays are open to individuals of all ages and is treated as the kickoff to the fall racing season. Everyone who chooses to participate in the relays will be treated to refreshments such as food, drinks, and even live music.

 Back in 2015, registration for the race ended up reaching full capacity the day before the event was scheduled to take place. This year, however, the event is already fully capped out at around 1,200 runners.

 The general idea of the relays is to get people to participate as being part of a team rather than concentrate on competing against one another. The organizers have gone on record of also stating that even if the race doesn’t go well for a certain team, they can always look forward to having fun at the festival that takes place after the race itself has concluded!