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Round Rock, Texas is not only known for its amazing homes for sale, but it’s recently become the first city in the state, as well as the first city in the entire United States, to install new street lamps that contain all-LED lighting. Not only are these lights much brighter than more traditional street lamps, but they also come complete with both emergency signals and surveillance cameras to help capture any and all illegal activity that may be taking place around them.

Even better is the fact that these special street lamps can also alert individuals as to when emergency vehicles are coming their way before they even arrive. Many residents along Double Creek Drive, where most of these lights were recently installed for a special demonstration, expressed how safe they already feel because of them. They also stated how appreciative they were at how the lights themselves weren’t extremely intrusive to them, despite how bright they actually are during the nighttime hours.

The Round Rock Police Department also had similar lights installed near their main headquarters as well, and they also expressed how happy they were at how many of these street lamps were going up around the city. They stated that their main concern was being able to shed light in areas that were more shadowed, which would enable residents to feel much more safe and not have to worry about anything happening to them.

Perhaps one of the best parts about these special LED street lamps is the fact that they have the potential to save the city of Round Rock money in terms of overall maintenance and energy costs. In all, approximately 100 of these street lamps were installed along Double Creek Drive and Forest Creek Drive by companies including Planled, Gigatera, and Opterra. The lamps were installed at absolutely no cost to the city of Round Rock.