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While there are many homes for sale in the city of Cedar Park, Texas, one aspect of living here that matters is being able to shop locally. By doing this, two cents of every dollar that you spend always stays in the city to fund roads, parks, and other various services. Additionally, it will also cause better quality and higher-paying jobs to come to Cedar Park, which will help to keep the rate of taxes as low as possible.

How This Can Work for You

In order to be able to contribute to Cedar Park’s economy, you must actually shop within the city’s limits. There are many different shopping locations throughout the city that you can visit.

Tax Rate The total sales tax rate on items that are sold in the city of Cedar Park is approximately 8.25%. While 6.25% goes to the state of Texas, the remaining 2% (which is the equivalent of two cents) always stays in the city. One cent is placed into Cedar Park’s General Fund, which helps to fund services that include the library, fire department, police department, and parks and recreation. All in all, the more money that goes into the General Fund, the less that Cedar Park will have to rely on property taxes in order to function properly.

City Projects

The remaining one cent gets put towards various types of community development and economic projects. Back in 1998, Cedar Park voters unanimously ruled to have half of a cent directed toward this and another half of a cent towards funding economic development to help enhance the local economy.

This shows that the two cents for every dollar spent in Cedar Park truly do add up, and there are so many possibilities available regarding how that money can be used. A few examples of this include better roads, internally-lit street signs, and shaded structures on playgrounds, as well as more noticeable landmarks such as the Cedar Park Center, Veterans Memorial Park, Elizabeth Milburn Park, and the Cedar Park Regional Medical Center.