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If you are considering purchasing a home in Cedar Park, Texas, one of the services that you should become more informed about is the city’s police department, which is currently home to approximately 83 sworn law enforcement employees, as well as 28 civilian employees.

There are many different divisions that exist in this single department, which include the following:

*Patrol *Special Operations *Professional Standards *Community Services *Animal Control *Records *Communications *Criminal Investigations *Neighborhood Enhancement Team *Narcotics *Evidence/Property *Crime Analysis Divisions

Additionally, every sworn member of the police department has their own special rank. These ranks are as follows:

*Chief *Assistant Chief *Commander *Lieutenant *Sergeant *Corporal/Detective *Officer

Overall Mission

The overall mission of the Cedar Park Police Department includes the following: *To enhance the quality of life within the city and provide a level of police service that is as professional as possible
*To have a strong commitment to excellence
*Ensuring safety through integrity, accountability, and trust
*Treating everyone with dignity, respect, and equality
*Building partnerships with the community in order to meet all challenges while, at the same time, staying true to core values that include life, law, integrity, accountability, service, and community partnerships

Department Core Values

As previously stated, the Cedar Park Police Department has a set of core values that they strive to operate by every single day. These core values include the following:

*Life: This is something that is held as an extremely sacred duty
*Law: This must be fundamentally obeyed with equality, fairness, and with no bias whatsoever
*Integrity: Nothing less than truth, integrity, honesty, and a high standard of ethical and moral conduct is accepted at any time
*Accountability: All decisions and actions are accountable both the officers and the community in which they serve
*Service: All officers are dedicated to providing effective, courteous, and compassionate service to every citizen
*Community Partnerships: These are relied upon in order to help exchange ideas, create awareness, anticipate issues, and promote prevention to help reduce crime in the city
*Excellence: This is something that is achieved through continued improvement, attention to detail, pursuit of knowledge, and a great vision for the future