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Those who are looking to purchase Cedar Park, Tx real estate should start to become familiar with how the area’s City Council works as well, especially since this is a great team that really helps keep Cedar Park going at a great pace!

Initially, it wasn’t really too much of a difficult task when the City Council itself began envisioning the following core values:







*Fiscal Responsibility

All in all, each and every one of these values are the standards that are at the heart of daily life for all Cedar Park citizens, as well as staff members and business leaders alike!

The members of the City Council serve as the main legislative and governing body of Cedar Park itself. During their entire decision-making process, they refer to each and every one of the aforementioned core values to help guide them. Comprised of the Mayor and six Council Members, the City Council are elected to their respective positions by the citizens of Cedar Park. Every position is at-large, which means that no one represents a specific district or area of the city itself. Furthermore, every Council Member is elected to serve a term totaling two years in length. The official head of the city’s government is the Mayor, who also serves as the official chairperson of all City Council meetings in Cedar Park. In the event that the Mayor is absent, the Mayor Pro Tem steps into his place. This individual can only be appointed by the Mayor.

The Cedar Park City Council is always open to any and all suggestions from citizens regarding all sorts of matters, including city services, crime, community programs, and even personal input regarding how the Council Members and Mayor themselves may be doing. For more information regarding how you can contact each one of them personally, you are invited to visit the official Cedar Park City Council website.