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Individuals who live either in downtown Austin ,on the outskirts of downtown Austin, are doing Austin home search search know that space is truly at a premium. Real estate such as condos, lofts, and apartments can be ridiculously short on outdoor space in terms of gardening, which can be a tough thing for plant lovers. However, with a bit of planning, the smallest of spaces can be greatly utilized. Here are some useful tips that you can make note of and follow.

LayerIf you don’t remember to layer as much as possible, the smallest of spaces can really appear to be boring. Begin by using outdoor rugs, then add seating, install planters, then use decorative details such as lighting. Imagine your balcony or patio area as if it were an indoor space.

Take on Double-Duty. There can never be any dead weight in small-sized garden spaces & everything must always have its purpose. For example, a garbage can made out of wicker can also be used as a side table, a large-sized planter can store tools, and small-sized soil bags and rail plantings can also be used to plant flowers and edible herbs.

Think VerticallyIf you don’t have enough horizontal space, think about using vertical space instead. This is where you can use wall planters or balcony planters on your railings.

Always Use What You Have Available. Chances are you may have a balcony that is only large enough for a couple of people. Additionally, you may only have a large-sized patio space or a courtyard. These can be used for gatherings such as a dinner for two or a small cocktail party. Furthermore, your indoor spaces should never be neglected. Interior plants will help to warm up your space by bringing the outdoors inside. The most important thing is to think about how you want to use your real estate space and let all of your other decisions revolve around that.