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The ongoing and still growing Austin home search continues. It’s no secret that Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. What makes Austin such a rapidly expanding and attractive place? 

I can tell you from experience that there are many reasons to love Austin for all kinds of people.

Austin is a uniquely liberal city within a mostly conservative state. As a result, Austin has become the place where the artistic and expressive converge. You’re much more likely to see tons of art adorning the streets in Austin, whether it’s commissioned or not. Austin is also a music capital in the US, and you can go out to see live music any night of the week. Perhaps more importantly, the people in Austin are proud of their fashion and identity. Whether you are wearing the latest or strangest trends, sporting a business suit, or just have an overall alternative lifestyle, people in Austin feel comfortable being themselves, and looking good doing it.

But don’t think that because Austin is a hippie bastion that there isn’t any business to be done. The city of Austin makes enormous revenue off of its signature, city-wide attractions like Austin City Limits and South By Southwest. These two events alone attract people from all over the world, so much so that Austin residents typically rent their houses to visitors and make some easy money on the side. Entertainment and tourism are big business in Austin, and provide a reliable source of employment for many who live here.  

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Even if you aren’t an entertainment guru, Austin is still one of the best cities to found a small business or startup. The combination of Austin’s robust technology industry (which is beginning to resemble Silicon Valley) and an educated workforce – courtesy of top-tier universities like The University of Texas – has made Austin particularly viable in the tech startup scene. Regardless of your focus, Austin stands out as a city that rewards the hard work of budding entrepreneurs in any field. 

Speaking of education, The University of Texas and other impressive schools like St. Edwards University and Austin Community College are huge draws for students young and old. UT has established itself as the foremost research university in Texas, and continues to expand in the form of the Dell Medical Center currently under construction. Like the city itself, these schools bring students into Austin from all over the world, who study myriad disciplines. The presence of so many young students in Austin, especially in rowdy West Campus, is central to the city’s image as a place of youthful vitality. 

On paper, there are plenty of good reasons for people to move to Austin. But what you’ll find when you do move here is an experience that’s hard to describe unless you’ve felt it. The feeling of the crisp water at the famous Barton Springs, the sunny breeze in grassy Zilker Park, and the pulsing nightlife of historic 6th Street are all part of it. Ultimately, its a feeling that you’re in a place that’s different, that’s bold and growing because of it. 

We could go on and on about all the great things about Austin, but we will stop here and leave it for another post. Thanks for stopping by and reading. If you are one of many people (either local, in a different state, or in a different country) that is doing the Austin home search, contact us today and we can help you find your dream home.