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In Austin Texas, one can never be too busy to pay it forward– , not only does this apply to Austin Tx Real Estate, but rock band Portugal the Man was able to take time out of completing their eighth studio album to prove it. Recently, the talented musicians joined StubHubat South by Southwest (SXSW), a wildly popular film, music, and interactive conference and festival that is held every year in Austin, in an effort to help a new generation of students develop a love of music. Their goal is a big one; they plan to raise and donate $1 million of musical instruments to low income communities all over the US.

Music Enriches Lives

Growing up in the cold, wintry, wilderness of Alaska, the band members did not have much exposure to music; let alone being presented with chances to play instruments. If it wasn’t for their parents, who were very supportive of their passion for music, many of the band members wouldn’t be enjoying the fame and success that they have been blessed with today. In fact, bassist Zach Carothers admits that, if it weren’t for music, he has no idea where he would’ve ended up.

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Paying It Forward All Around The Country

With this initiative, participants plan to donate as many instruments as possible within the next year. In fact, the very first batch of donations, which is already worth almost a $100,000, will be donated to two schools that are in Austin; through both the Mr. Holland’s Opus and StubHub Foundations. The City of Austin places a huge emphasis on education and as one of the best school districts in the country, StubHub and Portugal the Man are certain Austin is the perfect flagship city and that the instruments will be put into good use.
Because of Portugal the Man’s previous participation in StubHub’s Next Stage Concert Series, this partnership has already raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for these valuable musical instruments. But that’s not all–within the next year, more bands are expected to join this effort in order to bring revitalize musical education in various cities across the United States.